VeloSoleX 2020

1. International VeloSoleX Event Switzerland
June 19th to 21st 2020 in Münchenbuchsee


Support us on 

24.9. until 15.11. 2019

We can already cover part of our costs with the participation fees of the Solex fans as well as the sponsor contributions. However, it is not enough to cover all the costs of the event. Therefore we are dependent on your help! “Thank you for every penny!”


Short and sweet! Informaton on the programme, tickets, entertainment and the venue.


Solex ready… steady… go!
There are only 350 tickets! 
Registration from 01/01/2020


For enquiries, sponsoring, partnership or congratulations.

The VeloSoleX Society Switzerland presents:

VeloSoleX 2020

350 participants, many kilometers, 2 days, 1 passion 

An event organized by fans for fans. A weekend spent talking shop, admiring, discussing, eating and drinking. And of course we will go for a ride together, driving over hill and dale, through woods and meadows, passing magnificent castles and picturesque villages. A challenge for humans and machines.


A driving Solex is necessary for the participation at the ride. But our event is for everyone who already knows the Solex or would like to get to know it. The supporting program for interested pedestrians without Solex will follow.


An overview of the programme, short and sweet. You will receive more detailed information after registration.

– arrival from 3 p.m.
– 6 p.m. dinner together

– breakfast together
– arrival of more participants
– 9.15 a.m. meeting point, short speech, information
– 9.30 a.m. – about 4 p.m. ride including lunch
– from 4 p.m. programme on site
– from 7 p.m. dinner together

– breakfast together
– sunday program pending…
– 3 p.m. end of the event 🙁


You may compile your own ticket package:

– Rides Long ride on Saturday, including lunch, 30 CHF/EUR
– Sunday program pending…

– Dinner Friday, 15 CHF/EUR
– Dinner Saturday, 25 CHF/EUR
– Breakfast, 8 CHF/EUR

– Accommodation Bed in dorm, 20 CHF/EUR per person per night


Up to 350 Solex on tour together! We will be exploring the beautiful “Seeland” (land of the lakes) between Bern, Biel and Solothurn together.
Viktor, our tour planner, is currently on the road come rain or shine in order to find the route that is both the most scenic as well as the most suitable for Solex.

The region

Besides the rides, there will be enough time for a cosy get-together and chats about, well, Solex of course! 🙂

In addition, we are working on a small supporting programme. More information will follow.

Are Solex riders exactly your kind of customers? Have you got anything to offer, sell or exhibit?


Only five Solex minutes from the venue and a real bargain! For only 20 CHF/EUR per night you can reserve a bed in a dorm of Münchenbuchsee’s troop accommodation. You can also park your Solex in a covered area there.
There are only 100 beds!


Saal- und Freizeitanlage
Radiostrasse 23
5035 Münchenbuchsee 

Parking area for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles is available.

Flyer EN


Solex ready… steady… go!
There are only 350 tickets!
There are only 350 
Registration from 01/01/2020

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For everybody who has already become a fan of VeloSoleX 2020, we have created an exclusive merchandising shop. You can order the souvenirs online and pick them up at the event. There won’t be a shop on site! What you can buy here is unique and is produced especially for you.


Yeah, you have taken a firm stand! Please be patient, our creative director is about to design the cool items.

The Team

The VeloSoleX Society Switzerland consists of four crazy friends. They have set themselves the insane goal of attracting Solex fans from all over Europe to tiny Switzerland.

Club Statutes VeloSoleX Schweiz


– chair & marketing –

The versatile self-made Solex rider! She feels at ease both in the artist’s workshop and in the garage. Responsible for imposing order on the chaos.


– routes & program –

The specialist for meticulous drawings, ingenious constructions of unfeasible small components and high-precision restorations.


– infrastructure & catering –

A solex rider of the second generation with two-stroke oil pumping through his veins. An all-rounder and without whom we would be lost.


– staff, finances & communication –

Mechanics? No idea! She is, however, full of passion for Solex and a big fan. Our greenhorn’s Solex is still sitting in the cellar in single components. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn.


Together we are strong! Your support is celebrated and praised.


You have read our whole website and have still got questions? Or, even better, you would like sponsor us? Ok, drop us a line and we will reply as soon as possible.


Without the following generous sponsors and benefactors the meeting would not be possible.

We thank our benefactors: Promat Verzinkerei Bern GmbH; Valiant Bank Münchenbuchsee; Möbel Pfister Suhr.

And a huge thank you to our sponsors: