Even if our Solex are equipped with pedals... we don't want to use them too much. Especially not in hilly and mountainous Switzerland. For this reason, we have collected Solex-compatible routes so that you can easily explore Switzerland on your Solex.

But we also need your support! Because everyone knows their homeland best. So share your favorite Solex routes. You can find out how you can do this here.

Instructions for the map and table you can find below.

Route No. RegionHighlightsDistance in kmDownload Zip-Datei
1BE, SOMosssee, Schloss Fraubrunnen, Schloss Buchegg, Baumallee zwischen Oberramsern und Messen, Storchensiedlung in Grossaffoltern56,5 kmDownload Route 1
2ZH, AGBachsertal; Museum für Feuerwehr Handwerk; Ebianum Baggermuseum, Bad Zurzach und Therme, Schloss Klingnau, Kaiserstuhl54,6 kmDownload Route 2
3GRBergdorf Splügen, Bergpanorama, Hinterrhein30,2 kmDownload Route 3
4ZHNaturschutzgebiet Glatt, Kaiserstuhl, Bachsertal30,4 kmDownload Route 4
5BEWohlensee, Bogen Kiosk 17, Landeshauptstadt, Bern Bundesplatz33,6 kmDownload Route 5
6NW, LUStadt Luzern, Vierwaldstättersee, Hergiswil, Stans, Vitznau, Küssnacht, Fahrt mit der Fähre65,2 kmDownload Route 6

Using the mapYou can view the routes on the map by zooming in and out with the button in the corner of the map or directly with your fingers on trackpads/smartphones.
If you click on the red route line you will receive a route overview and information. You can view individual highlights along the route by clicking on the red dots. . By clicking on this symbol you can open the page list. If you click on a full-page view opens.

How to use the table:You will also find all routes clearly organised in a table. You can also download the route package as a compressed zip file (with the route as .kml, .gpx and .pdf) to have all the information you need for your journey.

Share the most beautiful Solex route in your home country. Send us your route along with a description and a few nice photos. You can use our contact form. benutzen.
It is best to send us the route digitally (common formats such as .gpx or .kml). For example, you recorded it with your smartphone while driving. You can also draw them in a program, e.g. with Google Maps or via geo.adminAre you better with pen and paper? Then you can also send us an analogue card. We will then digitize it.

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