The club VeloSoleX Switzerland

The VeloSoleX Switzerland association based in Münchenbuchsee was founded on December 1, 2018. We are a non-profit association within the meaning of Article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code. The association consists of the board members, active and passive members.
The purpose of our association is to regularly hold the “Event VeloSoleX Switzerland” and club rides as well as to maintain the associations homepage with the network for the Swiss Solex scene.

VSXCH statues

The board

Michael Mäder
Isabelle Blumer
Vice president
Helene Blumer

Our logo

Our logo was designed by Isabelle Blumer. It shows a Velosolex model 1700 surrounded by a wheel, underneath a banner with the VeloSoleX lettering and a hatchment with the Swiss cross.